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Tapori: Exploring India’s Culinary Heritage

The menu at Tapori invites revisits, suggesting that one’s initial experience is unlikely to be their last. Recently, my hubby and I were fortunate to receive an invitation to dine at this new establishment to hit Bangkok’s food scene. Located on Sukhumvit 47, Tapori brings a fresh perspective to Indian cuisine, stepping away from the usual clichés and delving into the diverse culinary heritage of the country. The restaurant’s name, Tapori, reflects its adventurous spirit which offers a menu curated by Chef Rohit that takes diners on a journey across India’s lesser-explored gastronomic wonders like forgotten food from Naga.

Culinary art is not just about cooking; it’s about telling a story that resonates with the soul.says Sharma.

India’s culinary landscape is vast and varied, shaped by centuries of history, trade, and cultural influences. Tapori celebrates this diversity by showcasing dishes from 28 different states and 8 union territories, inviting diners to discover an India that goes beyond the typical fare found in most Indian restaurants globally, such as butter chicken, tikka masala, and naan bread. In fact, you won’t even find those highly familiar dishes on their menu.

Chef-owner Rohit Sharma collaborates with Chef Anirban Chowdhury to bring these authentic flavors to life, ensuring that each plate reflects the rich tapestry of India’s food culture. Whether it’s a small plate for sampling or a larger dish for sharing, you’ll appreciate the incredible range of flavors this menu has to offer.

My hubby and I love Indian food and eat it regularly in Bangkok. However, Tapori serves up some dishes I have never seen or heard about (they even had a beef dish!). Everything was new for our taste buds and captured our attention from the first bite.

So let me tell you what we ate ;

We kicked off the meal experience with Tawa-masala kaleji ice cream, a savory starter from New Delhiand Tamil Nadu. This unique dish combines dishes from the North and South with a twist and is inspired by Delhi weddings. It features spiced chicken liver ice cream atop a crispy dosa crumble bed. If you’re a fan of pâté this dish is going to blow your mind!

Now, brace yourselves for the Dal Pakwan, the undisputed star of Sindhi brunches! A heavenly fusion of sweet, spicy, and tangy lentils, mingling with crispy flatbread, velvety yogurt, and a sprinkle of vibrant coriander. Trust me, this dish was so irresistible; we had to fight the urge to lick the plate clean! Like all of the dishes we tried, it was beautifully presented–with all the flavors and textures we could also understand why it’s so popular with guests.

Prepare yourself to indulge in the flavors of Kanava Masala from Andhra Pradesh! This dish offers a delightful blend of spicy squid, zesty ginger chutney, and creamy buttermilk, all harmoniously combined in one plate. Your taste buds are in for a treat, promising a celebration of flavors that will leave you wanting more!

Kheema Ghotala from Maharashtra, a taste of Mumbai’s true tapori culture, features spicy minced lamb or beef paired with the classic ladi pav – the city’s signature bread (choice of lamb/beef). We opted for the lamb version, and man, was it a tasty choice! Kheema Ghotala is a hit among late-night partygoers in Mumbai, perfect for refueling after a night out.

Kala Chana Ghugni from Bihar takes you on a snack-time adventure! Tangy black chickpeas are paired with crispy flattened rice flakes (chivda) and peanuts for that crunchy texture.

For a taste of Indian comfort food, try Bajra Khichda from Rajasthan! This hearty Rajasthani dish combines lentils and millet in a savory porridge, infused with onions, garlic, and yogurt. It’s served with ghee and spiced papad crumbs for an extra delicious touch.

It’s not every day you stumble upon beef on an Indian menu. Honestly this was the first time we’d even seen beef on the menu at an Indian restaurant. But there are beef eaters in India, and they do have some pretty tasty dishes. Take, for instance, Beef Ularthiyathu from Kerala—a spicy beef chili fry cooked with coconut and curry leaves, served alongside a flaky flatbread (malabari parotta). It’s so flavorful and tender that this dish calls for seconds!

You don’t come across Naga dishes every day, but guess what? Here’s a wild one for you! Naga Pork Curry & Singju from Nagaland & Manipur—a dish that’s as authentic as it gets, with hearty pork curry infused with fermented bamboo shoots & dried red chili, served alongside a Manipuri veggie salad & rice flavored with Sichuan pepper.

Now, let’s talk desserts, and guess what? Surprise! These aren’t your typical Indian restaurant treats either…

Ever heard of Lonavala’s legendary fudge? Well, Tapori brought it right to their table! Dive into the Lonavala Chocolate Fudge from Maharashtra—a delicious tart filled with old-fashioned chocolate almond fudge from Lonavala, served with a scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream. Forget lava cake…this is the sweet finish you want.

Behold the mysterious Benami Kheer from Uttar Pradesh! Can you crack the code of the secret ingredient in this legendary delight from the royal kitchens of Awadh? We’re not allowed to tell you (and we wouldn’t want to ruin the fun of guessing). But it’s a delicious slice of history served right on your plate, and you’ll surely impress them if you guess correctly!

Time to Wet Your Whistle!

Tapori is currently presenting a delightful selection of exquisite cocktails, each crafted with precision and creativity. Additionally, there’s exciting news on the horizon as a new bar is set to open soon right next to Tapori. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of this adjacent bar, where you can expect more innovative drinks and a vibrant atmosphere to complement your experience at Tapori!


Tapori restaurant combines modern sophistication with traditional Indian charm to create a warm and inviting ambiance that goes beyond just food. You enter through a centuries-old wooden door from Rajasthan, and visitors are greeted by a sprawling bungalow adorned with a homage to India’s artistic legacy. The interiors blend contemporary elements with timeless Indian accents, featuring a collection of vibrant artworks celebrating India’s cultural diversity.

Notable highlights include a hand-cut mirror mosaic of a peacock and a large oil painting depicting Kerala’s backwaters, bridging contemporary and traditional design seamlessly.

The Chef

Rohit Sharma, a culinary storyteller and chef-owner with R4 Hospitality, has spearheaded numerous food projects, including Maroon Room, Freemasons Brew Works, and Joint Café. He’s deeply involved in every aspect, from concept to menu creation, showcasing India’s culinary diversity. His latest venture, Tapori, reflects his passion for traditional yet innovative Indian cuisine. After exploring recipes across India, 29 dishes were selected from a database of 300 for Tapori’s menu. We’ve enjoyed Rohit’s food immensely—it’s a delicious journey through India’s flavors. Here is a link to their full menu READ HERE.

For those who want their eyeballs to throw a party…Check out our video of our visit to Tapori. See the venue, the food, and more!

I’m hungry. Where is it?

Tapori isn’t finished surprising you just yet! The restaurant is gearing up to introduce traditional BBQ and open fire pits, taking outdoor cooking to the next level. Make sure to stay tuned to their official Facebook page and Instagram page for all the exciting updates and announcements.

We would recommend making a reservation. Book Here

Address: 22/2 Sukhumvit 47, Bangkok

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